And you don't like my look? Then I can take them off. I took off my underpants and threw them on the floor as I approached my stepmother. My penis was already standing and I wanted to fuck her as soon as possible.
There were two reasons for this. Firstly, ambitions - it seemed to me that remaining a virgin after coming of age was not prestigious and even indecent. Secondly, as I understand now, years later, by nature I was given a rather high libido, which already imperiously demanded full realization. It turns out sometimes: sometimes every day and not once a day, sometimes every other day or even two. But we make up for the missed time by the number of approaches to the projectile. As athletes, we make several attempts. And these attempts are quite successful, they count. In summer, nature itself calls to fuck and breed.
How is it, she's an angel at all?!
Yes very! - I swallow saliva, Artyom answered.
Yeah man, lucky you and your mom. the taxi driver said happily. Her mouth is awesome. Sucks like in the best porn!
(Rita is my friend, studying at the institute. Curvy brown-haired woman, about 180 cm tall, with small high breasts.)
I stubbornly looked at the figures in the closet, trying to make my behavior look like it was all so ordinary, I understood how hard it was for her to say this. Anya sat on the edge of the sofa, covered her face with her hands, breathing heavily, it didn’t look like she was crying, she was just trying to catch her breath.